About Us

The passion/craze for a cot made with multiple trees aroused when I saw a cot made up of 64 trees made for King Marthanda Verma which is more than 300 years old. It is still available for view at the Padmanabhapuram Palace, Thuckalay at Kanyakumari District.

It is made up of 64 ayurvedic species. Coming down the line in a family which had been involved in kalari and marmani practices, it was rather natural for me to get hooked to the concept of a cot made with multiple species.

Extensive research has gone into the making of this cot which has involved the guidance of many experts in the fields of furniture making, ayurveda and ancient medicine. A remarkable guru in this aspect is Sanyasi Achudan Ashaan who is predominantly an astrologer and Siddha vaidhyar. His efforts have helped pave the way in the design of the cot. His knowledge has also helped in keeping the species in their virgin state so as to provide the maximum benefits that each can provide for the purpose of curing and relaxing.

With the aid of extensive research and three and a half years of learning and travel, I was able to coordinate the project. Travel includes various trips to Western Ghats, Tura forest in Meghalaya and every other virgin forest that supported entry and study. Forest officials and local guides offered a lot of help in the process of learning. An extensive study of Himalayan species also took place. It is amazing what the Indian subcontinent has to offer. Especially Kerala which lies rather quietly as a strip brushing against the Arabian sea.

Finally after quite an amount of time, energy and luck 36 species were collected and assembled. The rest have been lost in the track of time or are not easy for purchase.

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